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PONAR Wadowice is a comprehensive and reliable partner in designing, production, servicing oil hydraulic elements and systems as well as high pressure water systems.


the Company offers reliable solutions for all branches of industry,
we have over 50-years experience in the industry.

We offer a full range of services
for all branches of industry

We are everywhere: from aviation to ship building, from mining to
power industry, from defence industry to agriculatural machines.

Special Block ZS 396/... for application in mobile machinery and construction machinery industry Latest news
Special Block ZS 396/... for application in mobile machinery and construction machinery industry
Our offer, besides standard catalogue versions, includes products intended for specific systems or even machine types. These solutions can be developed based on supplied documentation or constructed by our engineers, often in cooperation with the Customer. We meet requirements of the market by offering solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

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A lubrication system of a lift<br>machine bearings Mining industry
A lubrication system of a lift
machine bearings
Lubricating hydraulic system UHWP400 was manufactured by PONAR Wadowice to provide lubrication for bearings of a lifting machine of a mining shaft. The system was equipped in two pump assemblies with screw pumps. One pump assembly is an emergency system, which allows to switch itself in emergency situations and to provide continuous operation.

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Brown coal hydo-cutting tests Latest news
Brown coal hydo-cutting tests
Within the scope of international HydroCoal Plus project PONAR Wadowice has carried out in cooperation with the Central Mining Institute tests of possibilities and efficiency of cutting brown coal with using water under high pressure.

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Blok ZS-291 - a solution for<br>mobile and construction machinery Latest news
Blok ZS-291 - a solution for
mobile and construction machinery
Block ZS-291 switch 6/2 is usually used for selecting one of two receivers or hydraulic circuits which are not serviced at the same time.

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Oil hydraulics elements and systems

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