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A lubrication system of a lift
machine bearings

Lubricating hydraulic system UHWP400 was manufactured by PONAR Wadowice to provide lubrication for bearings of a lifting machine of a mining shaft. The system was equipped in two pump assemblies with screw pumps. One pump assembly is an emergency system, which allows to switch itself in emergency situations and to provide continuous operation.

A lubrication system of a lift<br>machine bearings

Additional function of the system is cooling of the hydraulic fluid by the in-built heat exchanger. The cooler is powered by an independent pump assembly, which is also doubled to provide continuous work. The system was equipped in additional oil heaters for keeping the proper temperature of the hydraulic fluid. The system has an electrical box and a control system. PONAR Wadowice designed, manufactured and supplied the lubrica-tion system, and also connect it to the final installation.

technical parameters of hydraulic system

nominal capacity of the tank 550 l cooling system pump
gear type of hydraulic fluid gear mineral oil
type of the supply pump
screw pump capacity
30 dm3/min optimal viscosity of the fluid
150 mm2/s
supply pump capacity
75 dm3/rev. screw pump electric motor power
HMA2 80 1-4; IMB5; IE3 filtration 25 µm
release valve pressure
10 bar electric motor supply voltage 2
400 V - 50 Hz optimal oil temperature range
15÷40 °C
electric motor of the screw pump
HMA2 80 1-4; IMB5 elektric motor power 0,55 kW allowable oil temperature range
10÷70 °C
elektric motor supply voltage 1
400 V - 50 Hz speed of electric motor
1370 rev./min ambient temperature range -20÷35 °C
electric motor power 3,0 kW supply voltage of oil heater
400 V - 50 Hz maximum noise level
85 dB(A)
speed of electric motor
2890 rev./min cooler motor supply voltage
230/400 V - 50 Hz  



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