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A new product in proportional elements

PONAR Wadowice product range has just been expanded to include a new item in Proportional Elements Group.

A new product in proportional elements

The digital controller 20RC 10E is a universal device for controlling one electromagnet in proportional valves and directional control valves (without processing the feedback). The controller is intended to be installed directly on the valve, thanks to its housing in the form of a plug of a standard connection (ISO 4400/DIN 43650-A).

The new device is equipped with a user-friendly programming interface, without necessity of using an external computer. A clear and well visible LED display makes provide communication during programming and reading of the current value of parameters, such as: output current, provided signal or identification of errors caused with a short circuit of the coil or inappropriate choice of the provide signal.

Type of the provided signal can be programmed and the user is able to choose the signal type (0-10V, 0-5V i 4-20mA). The controller has a broad range of controlling current (0–3A) and power voltage  (9-36V).

Launching of the first digital current amplifier, heralds a new direction of development of proportional hydraulics, which PONAR Wadowice company decided to follow.

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