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A new test rig for hydraulic components

PONAR Wadowice has designed and constructed a test rig for carrying out comprehensive tests of hydraulic components.

A new test rig for hydraulic components

The device is used for measurement and analysis of component operating parameters, such as efficiency, absorption, pressure, speed of components, hydraulic oil temperature, power, assessment of internal tightness.

The test station was made in cooperation with scientists from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin and is a piece of equipment of the Department of Power Hydraulics Laboratory.

The rig includes a set of pumps for testing, setting up, adjusting hydraulic components, determining their hydraulic characteristics, conducting pressure tests, and tightness tests in hydraulic systems.

The station consists of test and working tables, power units (including a high-pressure unit up to 2800 bar), a set of hydraulic accumulators, a control cabinet, control and measurement equipment and data recording.

The test rig makes it possible to carry out tests for groups of hydraulic parameters:

  • pressure up to 600 bar, flow 8 l/min
  • pressure up to 320 bar, flow min. 160 l/min with full flow control via electric signal
  • pressure up to  2800 bar, a hydrostatic systems (hydrostatic tests – manual pump).

Thanks to the rig, it is possible to perform diagnostics of power hydraulics components as well as to prepare and generate test reports. The results of diagnostic tests are presented in the form of printouts showing the data in the form of graphs with current parameters of the tested component. On the basis of the test results, service activities are undertaken to restore operational parameters of the tested components. After repair or regeneration, it is possible to check the parameters achieved by the repaired component.

nom. tank capacity        
630 l electric motor supply voltage         3x400 V – 50 Hz
nominal working pressure of the system           
600 bar control voltage             
24 V DC
pomps assembly 1                            piston-type, axial 140 cm3/rev. | motor 132 kW optimal fluid viscosity
46 mm2/s
pomps assembly 2  piston-type, axial 28 cm3/rev. | motor 15 kW filtration 10 μm
pomps assembly 3      piston-type, radial 8 cm3/rev. | motor 15 kW by-pass filtration                         
6 μm
cooling system type                
by-pass max. noise level        
85 dB(A)

We manufacture hydraulic systems according to individual customer requirements, based on the latest technical solutions, thanks to which our products are used in every branch of industry.


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