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A system for controlling brakes
of a shaft lift

Hydraulic power pack is used in electro-hydraulic units controlling the breaks of lifting machinery, functioning, among other places, in coal mines. The power pack is intended for controlling hydraulic breaks of mining lifting machinery, functioning in various shaft lifts, equipped in braking cylinders (working pressure up to 16 MPa).

A system for controlling brakes<br>of a shaft lift

They provide three types of braking: manoeuvring, safety and stopping. The construction of this power pack is based on modern hydraulic and elec-tronic elements which guarantee high reliability of the brake and safe operation inside the shaft lift. The power pack uses, among other elements, the proportional pressure reducing valve for subplate mounting, including the control card; valves for sandwich mounting, installed between the subplate and di-rectional control valve and accumulator's safety block UZAE10.

technical parameters of hydraulic system

nominal capacity of the tank 300 l elektric motor power 5/3 kW type of hydraulic fluid olej hydrauliczny
pump type
zębata supply voltage of oil heaters
230 V - 50 Hz optimal viscosity of the fluid
46 mm2/s
pump capacity
11 dm3/rev. control elements supply voltage
24 V - DC filtration 10 µm
nominal working pressure of the system
16 MPa cooler motor power 0,068 kW optimal woring temperature 40÷550 °C
electric motor type
SKg 132 cooler motor control voltage 230-400 50/60 Hz allowable working temperature 10÷70 °C
elektric motor supply voltage
3 x 500 V - 50 Hz signals from processors of temp. and pressure 4 - 20 mA maximum noise level
85 dB(A)



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