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A test rig for pressure tests

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A test rig for pressure tests

For one of our Customers who deals in the energy industry, we have designed a pressure test rig that allows to carry out leakage tests of pipelines.

Tightness tests of steel and PE pipes are carried out with:

  • a water method - up to 140 bar
  • an air method - up to 40 bar.

The tests are carried out in two stages:

  • stage 1 - non-destructive testing, involving recording an acoustic signal during a simulated gas leak
  • stage 2 - destructive tests, during which the plasticity of the tested material is analysed. This test is carried out at two pressure levels.  

The stand enables a quick change of the working medium affecting the sample.

The main elements of the pressure test rig are: the frame with the following elements: an opening cover with glazing, a test bath, an adjustable system of pipe supports, a control panel, a 200 dm3 water circuit supply tank with accessories, hydraulic and pneumatic installations to supply the test chamber, a piston compressor with 200 - 300 dm3 tank with accessories.

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