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Digital controller ARPWM V1.1

The use of proportional hydraulic elements in the field of municipal and agricultural machinery and equipment allows for full control over the flow rate of the hydraulic system.

Digital controller ARPWM V1.1

In response to the needs of customers, we have introduced a digital controller ARPWM V1.1 to our offer, a device designed to control solenoids of proportional valves.

The device is mainly used to control the speed of hydraulic motors (conveyors). It can be used e.g. in various machines, such as receiver spreaders or spreaders with a hydraulic drive.

The controller is compatible with proportional valves and manifolds, e.g. with a proportional, cartridge 3-way flow vale type WDUD6, proportional, cartridge pressure relief valve type WZPSE6.

The ARPWM V1.1 digital controller is equipped with a display. The electric cable allows for mounting the device to the electromagnet. The controller features a cigarette lighter plug and therefore it can be used in agricultural and construction machines and devices. In addition, the controller has a small magnet, allowing to conveniently place it on the cabin post in, for example, in a tractor.

The cable powering the solenoid valve is equipped with an additional hermetic plug, when the device/machine is disconnected from e.g. a tractor, the controller can be left in the cabin.

The +/- buttons on the control panel are used to control the oil stream. The display shows the current setting in %.

The parameters that can be edited using the panel are:

  • resolution of changing the proportional valve opening value
  • min.and max. control current expressed in percent
  • start ramp (soft start) and stop ramp (soft stop)
  • PWM signal frequency.


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