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Hydraulic blocks - production capabilities

As a manufacturer of hydraulic components and systems, we make products dedicated to specific systems or even specific types of machines. Hydraulic blocks are used in many mobile and industrial hydraulic applications.

Hydraulic blocks - production capabilities

Our offer includes solutions tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Such products are made on the basis of the customer's documentation or designed by PONAR Wadowice engineers.

 Our offer includes hydraulic blocks:

  • manifolds for valves and directional control valves
  • with different complexity of the flow channels
  • made of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium
  • equipped with other oil hydraulic elements

It is possible to make special, dedicated blocks according to the customer's drawing, as well as to make special ports and flow channels in accordance with the received technical documentation. After the end of the production process, the hydraulic blocks are tested on various test rigs for compliance of the control functions with the hydraulic diagram.

Production capacity of blocks:

  • X axis - max. 900 mm
  • Y axis - max. 800 mm
  • Z axis - max. 1000 mm
  • workpiece weight 4 axes - max. 1,200 kg (minus equipment) - MAKINO a81M 5XR
  • workpiece weight 5 axes - max. 600 kg (minus equipment) - DMU MONOBLOCK
  • max. diameter of the processed detail - 1000 mm
  • max. drilling depth - 600 mm

Machinery park of PONAR Wadowice S.A. is equipped with the latest generation of machines - MAKINO a81M 5XR, DMU MONOBLOCK, NHX500, NH500 as well as with conventional machines - milling machines, lathes, boring machines and grinders. As a result, customers receive high-quality elements and can count on a quick order fulfilment.

An important element of the production process is the quality control of manufactured parts, which are subject to strict verification at every stage of production.


SALES DEPARTMENT - oil hydraulic elements
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SALES DEPARTMENT - oil hydraulic systems
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