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Hydraulic system for supplying and controlling the work of clamps

For the machine industry, we have developed a hydraulic power unit designed to supply and control the work of clamps.

Hydraulic system for supplying and controlling the work of clamps

The hydraulic power pack is used for powering and controling of 32 cylinders pressing workpieces at the devices fixing workpieces on CNC machines.

The power pack supports four independent workpiece clamping devices. Each of them is fitted with 4 workpieces simultaneously via 8 cylinders (2 cylinders per workpiece).

The details are changed every 2.5 minutes on each of the devices. At the same time, the details are changed on only one of the devices - at that time the other three devices must perform the "uninterrupted" pressure of the details as they are being processed. The system parameters allow the clamps to be opened/closed in 2-3 seconds. After 5 seconds from the changeover of one device, the system is ready for the retooling of the next one.

The operation of each of the clamps units is controlled by means of an electrically controlled "poppet" 4/2 UREZ6 valve. The power supply is built on an aluminum tank of a capacity of 25 l.

The power source for all four clamp units is the MBSP diaphragm hydraulic accumulator charged with a 10C1 gear pump.

The electronic pressure switch installed on the pressure line of the accumulator is responsible for the constant maintenance of an appropriate pressure level in the hydraulic accumulator.

The relay used in the system makes it possible to maintain the appropriate charging pressure of the battery.

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