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Hydraulic systems powering test rigs for checking CO flow control valves

The designed hydraulic power packs are intended for supplying the clamping and sealing units of the valves controlling the flow of CO during pressure tests.

Hydraulic systems powering test rigs for checking CO flow control valves

At the final stage of the valve assembly process, the tightness of the valve body and the tightness of the shut-off plug in the valve are inspected. On the test rig, the tightness of valves up to the size of DN400 can be checked

For this purpose, the valves are placed in the socket of the test rig and then clamped in the flow axis with sealing flanges. The designed hydraulic power packs drive the hydraulic cylinders responsible for closing and tightening the valves that are being tested.

In the next stage, the valves are filled with high-pressure water (from a separate filling system), then, after cutting off the water supply, the possible pressure drop in the event of a leak is measured.

One of the supplied hydraulic power packs with directional control valves supports 3 clamping stations sealing the valve during tests. Each clamping station is equipped with hydraulic cylinders, where the cylinder's movement speed is 150 mm/s. It is possible to adjust the hydraulic pressure to change the force of the cylinder depending on the tested product, from 7 kN to 85 kN.

A control block equipped with:


Technical parameters of the system

nominal capacity of the tank
160 l capacity of the pump
32 cm3/obr. electric motor power
5,5 kW
type of pump
piston pump nominal pressure of the system
190 bar

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