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Kasia - sweet pastries

Kasia works in the Administration Department, at the reception desk. She is the first person that the Guests visiting our plant in Łaziska Górne meet.

Kasia - sweet pastries

Why do you like your job?

I am a sociable person by nature, perhaps that is why, in my work I really value contact with people. I do like meeting and talking to them.
In our company there are a lot of interesting, smart people with a broad scope of interests. Everyday contact, talking to people is a real pleasure for me.

Is that where your enthusiasm comes from? Everyone considers you, dear Kasia, to be an extremely friendly person and full of "a good vibe"!

That's nice! (laughs) Yes, I think that I get my enthusiasm from contact with people. Engineers, directors, mechanical constructors and drivers come here, to the reception desk every time. Of course, I'm always very happy when my collegues from marketing comes to visit me (laughs). Anyway, there is always something going on in this place - the phone almost never goes silent, and meetings with clients take place very often...

... And then you turn into a barista?

Yes, it's an integral part of my job. Our PONAR is visited by guests from all over the country, and sometimes from different parts of the world. I always try to make sure that they do not lack anything, that they feel good in our company. For someone who has spent several hours on the road, a cup of coffee is always of a great importance. Oh, and maybe a cookie too! (laughter)


...And apart from registering invoices and other office work, you have a very interesting hobby :)

Yes, I like… to bake! I take great pleasure in making home-made sweets: cakes, pies, desserts, etc.

When did you discover your passion, how did your baking adventure begin?

In fact, I don't remember... It seems to me that this passion has accompanied me all my life.

I learnt a great deal from my granny when I was a kid, later I cooked with my mother, helping her at home, in the kitchen. However, I must admit that as a little girl I always liked to try new recipes myself, undertaking many (let's say, usually successful!) culinary experiments.

My brother's passion for cooking also spread quickly, so whenever we had the opportunity (usually when our parents were out), the kitchen became a testing ground for us, and we conducted various culinary trials and experiments: we could make, for example, a jelly cake or use pears to prepare cocktails.
I remember that when we were kids, together with my friend Marzena, we organized an improvised kitchen in the backyard, where we baked cakes in the oven. :)

Which stage of baking do you like the most?

I like the most the moment when my friends and relatives begin to try my pastries. I like to see how happy they are with them! This is definitely the best part of all baking.


What's the most difficult thing about this job?

The hardest thing when baking is fighting the stress (yes, I know how that sounds). I always want the cake to come out perfect, exactly the way I plan it. And it's not that simple! Thousands of things can go wrong: the dough may not rise, the cream may curdle, or something similar... So, when we get stressed, all the pleasure of cooking disappears and then, not only does it become hard work, but also the effects are much worse because as we are unable to put our heart into it...

Therefore, to de-stress myself, I take a short break, take the dog for a walk, or drink coffee with my friend Ewa, who is the most faithful taster in my kitchen. She is the one who tries all my dishes and always gives me a piece of good advice.

So you have your tester!

When it comes to degustate my pastries, it's usually someone from my immediate family. Mostly my husband or my beloved daughters. But I must admit that the best tester is my friend Ewa, who is an invaluable help for me in the kitchen!

And can the curdled mass be spared?

Of course! Usually, most things can be saved - you just need to use your imagination here... And the curdled mass can be gently (gently!) heated. One needs to patiently wait until the ingredients dissolve and try to continue kneading.

You mentioned that sometimes baking is tiring... Is it a hard physical work?

In my opinion... no, it's not. But it is definitelya  time-consuming occupation and requires a lot of patience. Well, unless you have a "makitra" (a clay mixing bowl) - then you need a bit of strength to blend... I believe that when it comes to kitchen utensils, the planetary robot is undoubtedly the most important helper. For a confectioner, it is the most important and irreplaceable device.

Do you often make cream puffs?

NO. I mean, rarely. (laughs) But I like them very much!

With or without alcohol?

A bit of strong spirit improves the taste of the cream, makes it more expressive. However, you can't overdo it, otherwise instead of the smell of butter and vanilla, we will smell only alcohol. In addition, then the mass will become heavy and the ingredients may curdle.

Yes, the problem of a heavy mass is comon among the cake eaters...

Exactly. The cakes go into the sides... (laughs)

Are these creamy puffs with butter or margarine?

I bake only using the best ingredients. That's why, I usually use butter and buy eggs or fruit from local suppliers.

However, sometimes (more and more often), I make vegan pastries in which I cannot use anything of animal origin. I recently made an apple pie with vegetable fat and almond milk. It came out delicious :)

And what delicacies do you serve to your friends?

For my friends, I usually bake birthday cakes :)! Here I will boast a lil'bit: apart from the taste (because this is of course the most important factor), I focus on simple elegance. My cakes usually have beautiful toppings with natural fruit and flower decoration. Such a combination provides amazing aesthetic and taste sensations. I really want my cakes and pies to look and taste wonderfully!

And which cakes do you like the most?

I like yeast cake, preferably with fruit. My favorite season is summer, among other things, because in summer I can use seasonal fruits that perfectly match a yeast cake. Summer is a real delight!

Sweet pastries are not considered healthy; do you think they can become healthier?

Oh, it's not true! (laughs) You have to keep everything in moderation and a bit of sweetness from time to time never hurt anyone! Maybe some sweet pastries are not super healthy, but I truly believe that everyone deserves a little treat. Even if only for "the health of our head", to improve the mood. Honey, chocolate, bananas, strawberries - these are natural "antidepressants"! Like in this joke: "since chocolate is made from cacao, and cacao is a tree, and a tree is a plant - technically, chocolate is a salad!" (laughter)



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