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MICHAŁ – a sound logistic

In the New Year, we start a series of articles presenting our employees. We want to show them through the prism of their unusual interests and passions.
MICHAŁ – a sound logistic

We believe that the company is made up of people - and although they usually remain unknown while performing duties in their positions, they are people with broad horizons, versatile interests, talented and successful in many areas. It is their talent and commitment that allow us to constantly develop, develop new solutions, technologies and conquer new markets.

Le us meet the first of them - Michał from the Logistics Department!


Someone once said that "in life and in war, good logistics decides everything", and it is no different in a large production plant. Efficient analysis of the flow of raw materials, materials, products and information is the basis for an efficiently managed company.

In his daily work, Michał deals with the execution of orders, amking sure all the necessary materials and elements used at every stage of the production of hydraulic systemsare provided. The plant in Łaziska Górne, where he works, deals mainly with the design and construction of oil hydraulic systems, including power packs, mini-power packs and pump systems. Michał's job is mainly to order, deliver and properly store all the elements needed to build a given device on time.

For example, the principle of operation of each hydraulic system is based on the circulation of the working fluid in the system - to ensure this circulation, it is necessary to use the right type of pump, adapted to the given application, e.g.: Ponar V3 pump, gear, vane or multi-piston pump. Similarly, with other elements of the system, such as hydraulic accumulators, check valves or distributors controlling the operation of receivers. If you need to order a block consisting of 6 spool valves, or order shut-off valves or flow regulators - there is no problem!

However, few people know that Michał is a talented musician - a saxophonist and vocalist, performing on stage with great celebrities of the Polish stage. After work, he puts on his stage clothes and gives concerts with his jazz band. Michał's favorite instruments are the alto and tenor saxophones. The musician feels great in every genre - from popular hits to well-known and liked jazz standards. Michał laughs that, like our systems, he canwork  "in many different environments and temperatures" 



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