A hydraulic drive of element of a water lock

PONAR Wadowice developed and manufactured hydraulic drives of gates and bars of the modernized chamber of the North Łabędy Lock at the Gliwicki Canal. The supply included 4 pieces of hydraulic power packs, 4 accumulator stations and 12 hydraulic cylinders.

A hydraulic drive of element of a water lock

The lock works in an automatic mode, that is why the power packs are equipped in electrically controlled directional control valves, pressure sensors, oil lever monitors and temperature sensors allowing for automated work of the hydraulic power pack. The developed solution for providing motion of the emergency gates and bars uses hydraulic accumulators. The hydraulic energy in the accumulators allows for closing the lock in case of a power failure.

technical parameters of hydraulic system

nominal volume of the tank
400 dm3 geometric capacity of P3, P4 pump 3,15 cm3/rev. optimal viscosity of the fluid 46 mm2/s
pump type P1-P4 zębata electric motor type M3, M4
SKg90L-4 filtration 10 µm, 16 µm
geometric capacity of P1 pump
19 cm3/rev. electric motor power M3, M4
1,5 kW ambient temperature
- 10÷30 °C
electric motor type M1
SKg160M-6/4 electric motors supply voltage
3x400 V - 50 Hz optimal oil temp.
40÷55 °C
electric motor power M1 5,2/7,4 kW nominal working pressure
20,5 MPa allowable oil temp. 10÷70 °C
geometric capacity of P2 pump 3,15 cm3/rev. oil heater supply voltage
3x400 V - 50 Hz max. noise level 85 dB(A)
electric motor type M2
SKg100L4-A control elements supply voltage
24 V - DC
electric motor power M2 2,2 kW hydraulic fluid
olej hydrauliczny
2,8÷160 mm2/s



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