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New products in our offer

PONAR Silesia offer has been expanded to include a new group of hydraulic power packs, built on a base of aluminum oil tanks. There group consists of 6 sizes of power packs, built on tanks of the following volumes: 6 dm3,10 dm3, 16 dm3, 25 dm3, 55 dm3, 75 dm3.

New products in our offer

For the construction of the power packs, standard hydraulic elements present in PONAR Wadowice offer were used (gear pumps, fittings, couplings, filters, etc.), as well as hydraulic equipment (directional control valves, and other types of valves), manufactured by PONAR Wadowice.

For installation of hydraulic elements a specially designed for this purpose modular system of hydraulic blocks was used. This solution also improves the overall esthetics of the manufactured power packs.

This system allows for quick and easy configuration of the power packs according to individual requirements of the Customer, limits the number of elements used in the system and makes installation of these power packs quicker and easier.

It also provides a possibility of flexible approach towards the price as well as the time of manufacturing of the power pack – and in this way, to better suit the Customer needs.

It is yet another step to improve the quality of deliveries and serviced performed by PONAR Silesia.

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