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Our new valve - your new possibilities

PONAR Wadowice has expanded the range of available safety valves. Within the DBDS valves group the Customers will find a new product of nominal size 20, with maximum available flow up to 220 l/min.

Our new valve - your new possibilities

Our company has obtained the rights to manufacture safety valves DBDS20…C with a CE certificate, in compliance with the Pressure Directive 97/23/CE. DBDS…/…C  safety valves are used as an end device protecting from excessive rise of pressure in a protected system (usually in a hydraulic accumulator).

Direct-operated pressure relief valve type DBD… depending on intended way of mounting in a system, are made as screws (cartridge version), for mounting at pipes (threaded version), or mounted on a subplate (plate version)



SIZE - 20

PRESSURE – max. 40 MPa

FLOW – max. 220 l/min 

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