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Self-propelled howitzer 155 mm

Within the scope of hydraulic system polonization for the howitzer 155 mm, PONAR Wadowice designed and manufactured a special hydraulic-pneumatic cylinder and a hydraulic power pack.

Self-propelled howitzer 155 mm

The cylinder, also refereed to as „Balancing element with a brake” performs two functions:

  • cylinder of a balancing mechanism, providing a force coun-terbalancing the moment of rotation of the cannon in theaxis of plugs, caused by the weight of the barrel system.
  • hydraulic brake, used in connection with the lifting elementto counteract the inertial forces effect of the swingingsystem. The hydraulic power pack referred to as Hydraulic Power Supply provides hydraulic oil to the system at the proper pressure, withs specific capacity.

technical parameters of hydraulic system

flow at the powering system
˜ 8 dm3/min electric motor power
2,5 kW oil temperature
-40÷65 °C
pressure in the system
18,5 MPa electric motor supply
48 VDC power supply
24 VDC



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