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Special Block ZS 396/... for application in mobile machinery and construction machinery industry

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Special Block ZS 396/... for application in mobile machinery and construction machinery industry

Special block ZS 396/… –  for controling hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors of machinery equipped in a system of smooth adjustment of speed by a proportional valve and a system of pressureless pump circuit system in the absence of oil consumption by the receivers.

pmax – 210 bar
Qmax input- 100l/min
Qmax for the receivers - 50 l/min

Block ZS 396/6 is intended to:

  • mounting from 1 to 10 sections
  • extending of system by installing additional options without the need of replacing the directional control valve
  • adding under the WE6 type directional control valve all sandwich valves - standard and developed on Customer's request, e.g. check/throttle valve type Z2FS6 for adjusting the speed of the receivers, pressure reducing valve type UZRR6 for adusting the force of the cylinder, pressure-relief valve type UZPR6 for protecting the receivers, e.g. in an event of reaching an obstacly by the controlled object, Z2S6 valve as a protection against weight drop, e.g. hung on the receiver.

In addition, it is possible to make dedicated panels according to the customer's scheme.

Application: manure spreaders, excavators, garbage trucks, sprayers and other municipal, agricultural and construction machinery.

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