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Strengthening cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology

Our representatives of PONAR Wadowice Warsaw Office  have established a cooperation with two important institutes of Warsaw University of Technology: Institute of Heat Engineering and  Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering.

Strengthening cooperation with Warsaw University of Technology

PONAR Group delivered to the Institute of Heat Engineering a set of oil hydraulic elements, allowing for performing tests of PAMAR revolver engine. The research is aimed at optimization of engine performance and its service life. A set of oil hydraulic elements is used for multiple applications, such as:  real time control of systems for variable degree of compression, variable phases of trimming gear and variable phase shift. These are unique solutions, and so far, they have not been used in ordinary combustion engines.

Moreover, our products are used with pressure control of lubrication oil and precise supply of gas and water, injected to combustion chamber. High efficiency, multi-fueling, shape of the engine, low weight and low emission of fumes are the advantages of revolver engines, which allow for this type of devices to be used in many important areas of life, e.g. aviation, energy production, railway and vehicle industry.

Our products also support scientists of Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology in their efforts towards construction an exoskeleton and in modernization of stage trapdoor for the National Theatre.

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