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Summary of 2022

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and for the possibility of cooperation and development.

At the same time, we wish you all the best and success in the New Year 2023!

Summary of 2022

PONAR Wadowice S.A. is a comprehensive and versatile partner in the field of design, production, servicing of hydraulic components and systems. Over 50 years of experience in the industry and the availability of both single components, subassemblies and comprehensive solutions allow us to be permanently present in every branch of industry.

In the past year, our product offer has been enriched with several novelties, and thanks to conceptual and development work, we have improved the parameters of existing products. All this so that our products can be used more and more widely and meet the design assumptions as much as possible.

The most important events of the passing year 2022:

Thanks to cooperation with customers, we constantly analyze possible improvements and the appropriate product versions are developed in the design department. In addition, we cooperate with many suppliers and other manufacturers in the world, importing products that complement our solutions or enable their better use.

The hydraulic systems that we offer to our clients are based on the latest technical solutions, designed according to individual requirements and adapted to the needs of the investment. Having our own design and construction office and technical facilities allowed us to implement many interesting projects for the automotive, machinery, mining, energy, metallurgy and many other industries.

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The constantly modernized machine park increases our production capacity for the production of hydraulic cylinders.
Our machines enable the production of large-size cylinders with the following parameters:
  • outer diameter of the pipe ∅ 780 mm - max. length 6000 mm 
  • outer diameter of the pipe ∅ 358 mm - max. length ~10000 mm
  • weight of the processed material - max. 3000 kg.
Thanks to this, they are used e.g. in the shipbuilding industry, hydraulic engineering and many others, where enormous forces are required for receiver elements.

Last year, thanks to a modified design, developed on the basis of flow simulations and detailed technical analyses, we increased the parameters of one of our better known products - the USAB6 proportional valve. The 4X series now on offer features increased pressure and flow.

Another interesting novelty are satellite motors - this is a type of motor in which the rotation of the axis is carried out hydraulically, by applying the working fluid under the appropriate pressure. Such devices are used in in various types of winches, lifting devices, etc.

PONAR Wadowice S.A. included Rotary Power hydraulic motors in its offer. Devices also known as radial-piston engines find a number of applications in agricultural, construction, mining, road machines, in heavy industry and wherever high torque of the drive motor is required.

We have introduced the UWPC overpressure indicator to our offer, which increases the safety of hydraulic systems by allowing the operator to take appropriate action without having to completely stop the system. The UWPC-G12 indicator mounted in the hydraulic circuit is a kind of "fuse", without the possibility of performing the function of a relief valve.

The heart of every factory is a modern and efficiently managed production line. This is where the products developed by the technical department take shape. Our machine park is constantly expanded with new machines and devices. Below we present two recently purchased devices: the MAKINO A81 center and the ALTERA S coordinate measuring machine.

Basic parameters of Makino A81:
- travel of the X axis - 900 mm
- Y axis travel - 610 mm
- travel of the Z axis - 520 mm
- load capacity of the pallet - 1500 kg

 ALTERA S 10.7.6 coordinate measuring machine by LK Metrology measurement range:

- X axis - 1016 mm
- Y axis - 711 mm
- axis Z - 600 mm
- load capacity - 514 kg

The year 2021 and 2022 brought many changes in contacts with our clients. The new "post-covid" reality has influenced the way meetings, discussion panels and trainings are conducted. That is why we are very happy that we participated as an exhibitor in the largest trade fair of mobile and construction machinery, BAUMA Munich 2022. We were very pleased to meet long-unseen Customers, Suppliers, Partners, as well as to establish new business acquaintances, which may soon result in new, interesting projects.

This year, we also managed to organize a large industry conference, during which our engineers presented the latest technologies, products, and directions of development. Thanks to such events, we can better understand the needs of our customers, as well as learn more about the conditions in which our devices work.

Finally, we would also like to emphasize the growing importance of our social media, which have become one of our channels of contact with the client. Thanks to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube we inform about our news and present our products.

Cooperation with universities
For a long time, we have been conducting many projects and development works in cooperation with leading Polish universities.
Working with scientists allows us to develop innovative solutions and overcome technical and technological limitations.

We also try to ensure that the knowledge of our engineers is also constantly developed and enriched with new information. Therefore, we are proud that so many of them combine work with scientific activity. Our engineers started implementation doctorates. 

We also do not forget about future power hydraulics engineers. We believe that well-educated students will soon join the ranks of our employees. We try to make them familiar with the specifics of our company's activities by organizing internships and apprenticeships before starting work.

Social involvement is an important element for us. We are glad that we can help not only the local community but also the most needy victims of war and refugees from Ukraine.


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