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Supporting Poland, Supporting the Industry

Support Polish industry and our brand with over 50-years of tradition and experience in oil hydraulics.

Supporting Poland, Supporting the Industry

For some time now, we all have been struggling with the new situation which drastically had changed our everyday life.

We do believe that the situation will eventually get back to normal and that we will be able to live and work safely.

PONAR Wadowice the largest Polish producer of oil hydraulics, employing over 500 people. We own two production facilities: a plant in Wadowice, dealing with production and supply of oil hydraulic elements and a plant in Łaziska Górne designing and manufacturing oil hydraulic systems and high pressure water systems that find a variety of application in many different industries. Our Company is also the owner of PONAR Lubań, a company specialising in production of oil hydraulic cylinders.

We believe that our Company is always about the People and that is why we take care of our common good. Bearing in mind that it is the industry that provides employment for many, we promise to do our best to ensure normal operation in this extremely difficult time.

We would like to express our thanks for all measures that you take to support Polish companies.

Wishing you good health and strong will during this difficult time.

Management of PONAR Wadowice S.A

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SALES DEPARTMENT - hydraulic systems
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