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Logic valves

Logic valves are elements designed for compact cartridge housing. The executive part (URZS) is designed to be built into a standard port (according to DIN ISO 7368) in the control block and closed with a suitable cover (ULZS). The cover is usually a connection between the control side of the executive part (URZS) and the control apparatus. Covers are available in different varieties, some versions can be equipped with e.g. in the function of electronic control of the closed position of the valve.

  varietyWNpmax [MPa]Qmax [dm3/min] Version type
   WNpmax [MPa]Qmax [dm3/min] Version type
brak brak - 16-50422400
   WNpmax [MPa]Qmax [dm3/min] Version type
- - - 16-50422400
cover for cartridge valveULZS, ULZS DB
cover for cartridge valveULZS, ULZS DB

Logic valves are used in hydraulic systems as controlled check valves, pressure limiting valves and, by a combination of several elements, as multi-way control systems. There is a choice of valve cone with damping plug and opening pressure. For URZS/S products, we have the option of choosing an additional seal, for this purpose we recommend the information contained in the catalog cards on our website (.pdf files). Logic valves - their functions, operation and ordering are described in detail. Covers for URZS logic valves have different nozzle diameters.

They are equipped with a valve cone position sensor. The covers have the function of electronic control of the closed position. Depending on the nominal size of the logic valve, the flow can be up to 2400 dm3/min (l/min). For size 16, the flow Qmax is 140 dm3/min (l/min). For sizes 25 - 400 l/min, and for size 32 valves, the flow is 32 - 700 l/min. Logical valves are popular, reliable elements of power hydraulics, used in various industries.

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Logic valves are an important element of our offer and each logic valve is thoroughly checked for operation and quality of workmanship to ensure that there are no defects in the device. It is therefore logical that, as the largest Polish manufacturer, we offer the highest quality hydraulic components. The logic valve is available in many sizes.

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