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Piston pumps variable displacement typ A10V(S)O

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Axial piston pumps of variable displacement  MA10V(S)O with mechanical adjustment of pressure control: DR, DFR/DFR1, DRG, DFLR.

They are constructed as piston axial pumps with a slant disk, for hydrostatic drives in an open circuit. The flow of the pump is proportional to the rotation speed of the drive and volume of displacement. By adjusting the swing plate, it is possible to achieve a smooth flow.

 The pumps feature:

  • 2 przyłączami przecieku (port „X”)
  • efficient suction process
  • low level of noise
  • long product life
  • axial and radial load of drive shaft
  • good radio of power to weight
  • a wide selection of controllers

maksimum pressure up to 280 bar. 

The pumps can be replacements of A10V(S)O seria 31 i 52.

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