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Air-oil heat exchangers type DRAIN

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  • material of the exchanger: aluminium
  • working pressure: 20 bar
  • test pressure: 35 bar
  • max. temperature of work 120°C
  • designed for systems with low flow rates

Hydraulic air-oil heat exchangers type DRAIN Emmegi available in PONAR Wadowice S.A.

DRAIN air-oil heat exchangers are used to maintain the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the temperature range recommended by the mineral oil producer. The excess energy in the form of heat in the hydraulic system is absorbed by the oil cooler. Oil-air coolers prevent unwanted overheating of the hydraulic oil, which can damage the hydraulic system. Too little heat dissipation causes the system temperature to be too high, which leads to poor lubrication properties, internal leakage, cavitation, damage to hydraulic components, etc. The best way to remove heat from the system, i.e. cooling the hydraulic oil, is to use an oil heat exchanger.

The DRAIN coolers are heat exchangers in which air is the factor that dissipates excess heat. The main feature of these heat exchangers is high efficiency with low oil flows.

The radiator fan can be driven by:

  • electric motor: 12V / 24V DC, 230V / 400V AC
  • hydraulic motor

The use of DRAIN oil-air coolers and maintaining the appropriate operating temperature of the hydraulic system brings a number of advantages:

  • longer working time of the hydraulic system
  • greater efficiency of the hydraulic system in continuous operation
  • extends the life of the oil that ages more slowly
  • increasing the usability and efficiency of the system
  • reduced operating and repair costs

Air-oil heat exchangers are available with a thermostat for temperature control and regulation, and a by-pass valve

We offer parts for coolers - fans, housings, bases

Possibility of special execution, e.g. for work in aggressive environments

Feel free to contact us for the selection of a hydraulic oil cooler for the system, our designers and engineers will help in selecting the appropriate cooling unit.

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