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Subplate heat exchangers type B

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Compact, soldered plate heat exchanger (BPHE) consists of layers of channel plates of grooved surgace with filling material between individual plates.

During the proces of vaccuum soldering, the filling material creates soldered connecting in each contact points between the plates, creating a system of channels. In the BPHE heat exchangers media of different temperature flow in a close distance to each other and are separated only by channel plates - which provides high efficiency of transfering heat from one medium to another.

 W wymiennikach BPHE media o różnej temperaturze przepływają w bliskiej odległości od siebie i są oddzielone jedynie płytami kanałowymi co zapewnia bardzo wysoką sprawność przenoszenia ciepła z jednego medium do drugiego. The principle of operation is similar to older technology of plate-frame exchangers. The difference is, in soldered plate there are no gaskets nor frames.

The products are used in situations where heat exchange is required in air condition and cooling installations, as well as in industrial applications.

All the SWEP product are compliant with European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 97/23/WE).

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