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Hydraulic systems hydraulic systems compact hydraulic systems type UHKZ

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Compact hydraulic systems (mini-power packs) are intended for short/casual operation and feature a small size design.

  • tank capacity from 2,5 to 12 dm3
  • motor power 0,37 – 4 kW
  • electric motors supply voltage: 1x230V50Hz, 3x400V50Hz
  • directional valves supply voltage: 12VDC, 24VDC, 230V50Hz
  • low noise level
  • available special versions of hydraulic control, based on Customer's requirements
  • available tanks: made of steel or plastic

A modular design of the mini-power packs allows for expansion of standard version, based on Customer's requirements to include hydraulic control system (based on custom drawing), other hydraulic equipment, electric control system.

They are used mostly in mobile machinery and equipment, e.g. in portable devices, as a drive of smal presses, lifts, ramps, tipping machines and workshop tools. They can be also used in industrial applications in drives for casual operation.

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