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Hydraulic systems hydraulic systems pumps assemblies with a gear pumps type ZPPZ

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-2584WK 577 206
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Pumps units based on gear pumps with external gearing. The pumps are powered by asynchronous 3-phase motors with elastic clutches.

  • version 1
    • motor power from 0,37 to4 kW
    • motor capacity from 1 to6,1 cm3/obr
  • version 2
    • motor power from 1,5 to 15 kW
    • motor capacity from 4,5 to 25 cm3/obr
  • version 3
    • motor power from 5,5 to 22 kW
    • motor capacity from 20 to 60 cm3/obr

Oil hydraulics elements and systems

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