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High pressure water systems positioners FRAME STD type FRAME STD + CONTROL PANEL

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Positioning FRAME STD + CONTROL PANEL is an original solution in a form of an aluminium frame and dedicated control panel, intended for horizontal cleaning of heat exchangers. The set is an optional solution providing automation for multiple-lance feeders type FEEDER. Light weight and stability of the frame and panel allows for quick installation of a complete application with feeders [about 20 min] and quick and safe work of operator of the device.

Additional improvements such as stabilising handle, expandable feet in lower part of the frame and wheels - make this solution even more convenient for operator.

Safety of operation is improved by an emergency button on the front of the control panel, turning off not only operation of the frame but also the whole high-pressure machinery.

Reliability of operation of the pneumatic motors is achieved by integrated with control panel air preparation unit FRL.

technical specification

purpose of the device
automation of cleaning systems type FEEDER for horizontal operation
frame type
stabilisation an arm folded from the top, expandable feet
mobility wheels
safety brake system
speed of operation
working area[mm]

option 1: 1500 x 1500
option 2: 2000 x 2000

working area expansion possibility
yes [on separate order]
weight [kg]
drive type
elements for fixing with screws, wooden box

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