High pressure water systems hydrodemolition and anti-corrosion of concrete

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High pressure water systems hydrodemolition and anti-corrosion of concrete type aqua cutter

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Hydrodemolition and anti-corrosion of concret is cutting or chipping of concrete with using water under high pressure.

PONAR Wadowice as an Authorised Partner of Swedish producer of machinery for chipping concrete, Aquajet Systems AB company, combined two key products in ane system. Thanks to this, a complete application utilizes hydrodemolition technology in a new,

jako Autoryzowany Partner szwedzkiego producenta maszyn do kucia betonu firmy Aquajet Systems AB połączył dwa kluczowe produkty w jeden system. Dzięki temu kompletna aplikacja wykorzystuje technologię hydrodemolition in a new, innovative way. The system consists of a high pressure powrer pack and an Aqua Cutter 410A robot,equipped with a series of cleaning systems - making it truly innovative solution for construction and other industries.

Our solution:

  • does not introduce vibrations
  • does not emit dust to the environment
  • does not affect the reinforcement of the concrete
  • has anti-corrosive and cleaning effect on the reinforcement
  • limits noise emitted to the environment
  • allows for selective or non-selective removal of concrete, depending on the applied pressure
  • leaves clean surface of concrete
  • is save and more efficient than traditional methods of concrete removal

As one of the very few companies in Poland, PONAR Wadowice have a complete system for concrete chiselling (dedicated UHP system + AquaCutter 410A robot), which we offer for sale and rent, including services of the operator during the carried out work.

More information about types, technical specification of robots, optional accessories for hydro demolition systems can be found on the Manufacturer's website: www.aquajet.se.

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