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High pressure water systems control and monitoring systems type PONAR PCUPRO

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PONAR PCUPro is an original, technically advanced system operation and control of high pressure hydraulic systems. Despite being a technically advanced system, it is very easy and intuitive in operation, thanks to an integrated 7” control touch panel. The main task of PCUPro is to provide graphical visualisation of the essential working parameters of a hydraulic system, such as: working pressure and motor rotation.Additional statuses of motor, high pressure pump, fuel and water in the balancing tank were shown as icons.

PCUPro can store all parameters recorded by sensors installed in a given machine.

A CAN bus communication allows for electronic controll of motor parameters. Additional functionality for the operator can be found in the system menu. It makes it possible, for example to use an in-built UHP calculator, user manual in forms of instructional videos in a selected language.

Taking advantage of the fact that our Company employs computer programmers and automation engineers, the PCUPro system can be customised depending on the Customer's requirements, allowing for building a system with a possibility of implementing new functions of the menu.

PCUPro system is a solution not only used in production of new hydraulic systems, but that can be also adjusted for existing machinery park of the Customer.

Please feel free to contact us and learn more about functionalities and areas of application of your own PCUPro control system.

High pressure water systems control and monitoring systems type PONARpredict

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PONARpredict is an original, technically advanced system for monitoring high pressure hydraulic system, by using any internet browser. Customers can collect not only archival data concerning operation of a given machine, but also watch on-the fly data and status of the device, including geolocation of the machine. Thanks to this, Customer can response adequately to ongoing operation of the machine. The data archive allows for full monitoring of all the task performed with the machine equipped with PONARpredict technology.

Graphical and user-friendly view of application in an intuitive way allows for browsing throught the data acquired with help of installed in the device sensors, starting from basic work parameters of the pump and motor, but also on any other sensors, such as temperature of fluid sensors.

The system not only works for monitoring but also as a preventive system, thanks tho which our specialists can adequately react to incoming technical inspections or need of any technical intervention. In this way, Customers can enhoy comfort of use, safety and much longer operation of their machinery park.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about using PONARpredict for your machinery park.

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