High pressure water systems automation of processes

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High pressure water systems automation of processes type robotyzacja procesów

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Taking advantage of the already created technical resources, knowledge and equipment of our business Partners, we can guarantee the optimal solutions in the field of utilizing highly pressurised water and robotisation. Linking together these two fields make it possible to use “NO MAN ENTRY” solutions, which not only guarantee increased level of safety, but also reduce the time of carried out works.

Thanks to our experience in works performer in areas exposed to a risk of explosion “Ex”, we can adjust applications, keeping the highest standards of safety. The highest level applies not only to ultra-high pressure hydraulics, but also to robots controlled wirelessly or via a cable connection.

Please feel welcome to contact us in order to learn more about our ways of solving problems with impurities in the explosive areas. Thanks to utilizing the latest technologies, we can prepare a solution for removing sediments or industrial substances.

PONAR Wadowice is the leading producer of water ultra-high pressure systems. We are a member of the European Water Jetting Institute, an organisation gathering business entities carrying our research or utilizing highly pressurised water (UHP) in the industry. PONAR Wadowice SA is the sole representative of Aquajet Systems AB, the world’s leader in production of robots for hydrodemolition.

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