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High pressure water systems accessories type akcesoria, dysze, węże wysokociśnieniowe

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As a producent of systems and manipulators supporing works with water under high and ultra-high pressure, in order to provide a comprehensive range of services for our Customers, our offer include also all types of dedicated accessories. At the same time, we wil help in selection of optimal technical parameters of high pressure nozzles, hoses and other elements of the system.

Thanks to cooperation with many leading producers and suppliers of high pressure accessories, we are able to meet expectations in various investment ranges. We offer a wide selection of high pressure accessories - original as well as high quality replacements - at the stage of carrying out the project and also after complention and supply of the system to the final user.

We would like to draw your attention to the safety of the operator by offering special protective clothing, which meets the highest standards of production and safety.

If you want to learn more about our offer, please contact our Sales Department in order to select the proper product for the safety of the operator.

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