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The Research and Development Centre of PONAR Wadowice deals with upgrading existing products and searching for new solutions within the area of hydraulic drives and controls.

Thanks to this, our offer keeps being expanded and existing or hydraulic components are replaced by new products, featuring new functional versions.

More than 30 engineers are responsible for carrying our R&D works on oil hydraulic elements and complete hydraulic systems that feature innovation, optimised approach to machinery and equipment.

Advanced technical resources, including:

- hydraulic dynamometer with energy recovery for testing hydraulic drives and complete system of high power
- a cylinder test rig with an external load from the side of the piston
- a valve test rig
- a stand for development load sensing systems
- a stand for testing planetary gears with hydraulic drive
- an environmental chamber for testing valves
- a rig for simulation vibrations for testing valves intended for mobile machinery applications
- a stand for testing hydraulic pumps and motors
- an oil laboratory

Our offer includes technical training in the following subjects:

- Construction, operation, technical use of oil hydraulic elements
- Filtration
- Load sensing technology
- Designing hydraulic systems
- Mobile hydraulics
- High pressure water hydraulics
- Hydraulic connections techniques

The subject of training is adjusted to requirements of the Customer. The training include theoretical and practical part. Practical workshops take place in a modern hall of the Research and Development Centre, e.g. at the hydraulic dynamometer, a rig for testing hydraulic cylinders, valves and in the oil testing facility.

Our training staff are people of many years of experience. Thanks to their knowledge, enthusiasm and perfect teaching skills, our trainings meet the requirements of even the most demanding participants.

If you are interested in participation in the training, please fill in the form.

Oil hydraulics elements and systems

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