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You will get an opportunity of personal development and cooperation with experienced specialists and engineers. Knowledge that comes from practice is our major asset. By working together with us, one can complete many innovative projects within the fields of oil hydraulics. One can also improve their knowledge and gain new skills and competencies.

Career at PONAR Wadowice S.A.

We are a company present on Polish and world makrets for more than 50 years. Our company deals with oil hydraulics, i.e. designing, production and servicing of oil hydraulics systems, including hydraulic drives, controls, filtration systems and oil maintenance. We are the leader on the domestic market of oil hydraulics.

Our company employs more than 500 people, including qualified CNC operators, installers, technicians working in technological department, construction department, R&D department, as well as professional team of sales people.

What do we offer?

Deciding to cooperate with us, you will:

  • be given an opportunity of working with highly qualified engineer-technical team
  • participate in traning programmes withing a broad field of oil hydraulics
  • learn more about production, processing, designing and servicing of oil hydraulics equipment

Oil hydraulics elements and systems

Our offer is being constantly expanded to include new products, while the existing ones are being upgraded and supplied with new functional versions. Sign up to our newsletter to be in touch and regularly receive information about our products and services.

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