Powrting the industry
for more than 50 years


In 2015 we were celebrating Golden Anniversary of our Company. For more than half of a century, our knowledge, experience and quality has been appreciated by the largerst producers and suppliers. We are everywhere: from aviation to ship building, from mining to power industry, from defence industry to agricultural machinery.

We achieve top quality in each major industry, thanks to this - we are steadily but surely winning international markets and trust of continuously growing group of customerts.

The history of our company is the history of people and the region. Thanks to their work and commitment we managed to achieve the position of a leader in the market. Together with changing technology and cocial changes, also our Company was evolving.

Despite the fact that drawing desks has been replaced by computer software, the thing that does not change in our company is commitment, knowledge and skills of our employees.


"Wadios" plant


History of the production plant in Wadowice dates back to 1965 when by the decision of the Ministry of Heavy Industry, in the middle of Wadowice, an experimental machining plant "WADIOS" was established. In this plant, production of prototype, precise machining equipment and tools was launched.

Thanks to the experience gained by the plant employees and supported by construction documentation developed by the Central Office of Processing Machinery Construction - Pruszków for the Polish machining industry, a production of oil hydraulic equipment was initiated.



Factory at Wojska Polskiego St.


In 1972 a new plant at Wojska Polskiego 29 st. was opened. The newly-built factory had much larger production area. The plant had its own administration building and large production hall, equipped with the latest machinery, including universal machining equipment.

Nowadays, looking back, one can say that the plant had a major impact on the development of the town and that launched industrial production positively influenced other areas of the town's and region economy. Similarly as today, the final products were intended for all major branches of industry.



Rexroth license


The Company launched a production of oil hydraulic elements licensed by MANNESMANN – REXROTH and also initiated modernisation of machinery park.

The obtained license made it possible to increase the scope of production of oil hydraulic elements and wining new, prospective markets.



Machining elements factory


Significant actions were taken to make the plant independent. By the decret of Ministry of Machinery Industry, a new company was established under the name of Factory of Machining Elements PONAR - Wadowice, dealing with production of hydraulic machining, cylinders, electro-hydraulic elements, electric control circuits and hydraulic power packs.

From 1976 the factory invested in modernisation of machinery park. Traditional machining equipment was reduced and replaced by modern types, including numerically-controlled machining centres. Thanks to replacement of significant part of machinery park, production grew steadily without the need of increasing the number of employed workforce.



Driving the industry
for more than 50 years


First action aimed at privatisation of the Plant and the first step on this way was transforming the state-owned company into the so-called one-person company of State Treasury. In 1998 a certification of Quality Management System was initiated for compliance with ISO 9001:1994 standards.

In 2005 r. the name of the company was changed from Hydraulic Elements Factory „Ponar-Wadowice” S.A. to „PONAR Wadowice” S.A. In 2005 the first office of the Company in Wrocław was opened.



PONAR Silesia


In 2007 a new Company, PONAR Silesia was established, specializing in production of oil hydraulic systems. The company was dealing with designing and production of power packs and hydraulic systems for different branches of industry. The machinery manufactured by the new Company were based on new projects developed in proprietary construction design offices or based on the design supplied by Customers.

PONAR Silesia also carried our modernisation and repairs of hydraulic system that used to be in operation, both manufactured by the Company itself or machinery od other producers. The produced equipment was based on oil hydraulic elements manufactured by PONAR Wadowice, a plant dealing with serial production of oil hydraulic elements.



Improvements to the machinery park


In 2011 a significant re-organisation and modernisation of machinery park in PONAR Wadowice plant was initiated. The existing machines were supplied with new one, including cutting edge CNC processing centres.

New working clusters were created, new equipment purchased and the assembly hall was revamped and upgraded. The Company initiated also a major renovation of the production and storage facilities of PONAR Wadowice.





In 2016 a major transaction was settled - a producer of hydraulic cylinders, PONAR Lubań Company was acquired by PONAR Wadowice. The company was set up in 2005, producing piston and plunger hydraulic cylinders. PONAR Lubań also carried our services related to servicing and repairs of the manufactured cylinders.

All of the hydraulic cylinders manufactured by the company undergo strict quality control and pressure tests for tightness. Despite a relatively short presence on the market, PONAR Lubań has a broad experience in the hydraulic industry, thanks to specialised, experienced employees and many years of experience in production of hydraulic cylinders.



Merger of the Companies


In 2017 a merger of the two Companies: PONAR Wadowice S.A. and PONAR Silesia S.A. took place under one name of PONAR Wadowice S.A.. The Company has now two production facilities in Łaziska Górne and a plant in Wadowice.

Since then, oil hydraulic our elements and systems are manufactured under one brand, recognized in Poland and abroad. Merger of the two companies streamlined production process and allowed to begin new investments.


Oil hydraulics elements and systems

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