Our professionalism is proved by numerous certificates and quality is appreciated by the largest worlds producers of machinery. PONAR Wadowice S.A. was awarded four times with Caterpillar Platinum Certificate for the supplier of elements and components for Caterpillar products.

ISO Certificates

Certificate ISO 14001: 2015 (PONAR WADOWICE)
Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015 (PONAR WADOWICE, Head Office and Plant in Wadowice)
Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015 (PONAR WADOWICE, Plant in Łaziska Górne)

Product Certificates

Suplement no 8 to certificate ATEX 0067
Certificate KOMAG 14ATEX0057X 
Certificate KOMAG 14ATEX0057X aneks 1 
сертификат KOMAG 14ATEX0057X - русская версия
сертификат KOMAG 14ATEX0057X aneks 1 - русская версия
Certificate ATEX Q 013 (PONAR Wadowice)
Certificate ATEX 0067 (PONAR Wadowice)
Suplement no 7 to certificate FTZU 05 ATEX 0067 for 3IREH2…SO27 (PONAR Wadowice)
Certificate ATEX 0068 (PONAR Wadowice)
Certificate of Examination no. KOMAG 06ATEX0201X for IWE6
Certificate of Examination of Type IW6 (supplement nr 3)
Certificate of Examination of Type WE for IWE6 (supplement nr 5)
Certificate of Examination of Type 3IREH2 (supplement nr 5)
Certificate of Examination of Type 2IRED6, 2IRES6 i 3IREH6 (supplement nr 6)
Quality Assurance Notification


Environmental Policy - PONAR Wadowice S.A.
Certificate AQAP 2110:2016 (PONAR WADOWICE, Plant in Łaziska Górne)
Technical Safety Policy
NCAGE code
Concession of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration no B-030/2016
European Water Jetting Institute - membership certificate
Certificate of Quality System Approval No. CE-0062-PED-H1-PON 001-23-POL
EC Design-Examination Certificate (Module H1) No. CE-0062-PED-H1D-PON 001-17-POL-rev-C


Oil hydraulics elements and systems

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