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PONAR Wadowice Research and Development Centre is engaged in product development and searching for new solutions within the field of oil hydraulics and high pressure water systems.

Thanks to this, our offer is being continuously expanded to include new types of products and innovative solutions within the scope of hydraulic systems. The existing hydraulic elements are upgraded to include new functional versions.

The Centre is responsible for carrying our R&D works on oil hydraulics elements as well as on complete hydraulic systems featuring innovative and optimised approach towards operation of machinery and devices, as well as works on innovative ultra high pressure products.

Modern technical facilities

A dynamic development of products and services is possible thanks to advanced technical resources and facilities, including the following:

  • a hydraulic dynamometer with energy recovery for testing high power hydraulic drives and systems
  • a rig for testing cylinders with an external load from the side of the piston
  • a valve testing rig
  • a stand for development of load sensing systems
  • a stand for testing planetary gears with hydraulic drives
  • a climate box for testing valves
  • a stand for simulation of vibrations for testing valves intended for mobile applications
  • a pump testing rig
  • oil laboratory
The Research and Development Centre provides:
  • a possibility of simulating load conditions close to real-life conditions of work of a hydraulic element or system
  • a possibility of carrying our long-time tests
  • energy saving during tests due to energy recovery
  • reduction of the "testing ground" at the Customer’s facility
  • a possibility of reliable verification with the Customer the assumptions or possible variants of the project in its early phase (preseed)
  • an ability to record or share the image "on-line" to Customers during tests of the system - remote participation of the customer in tests at the Łaziska Górne Plant
  • extended portfolio of services offered by PONAR Wadowice SA with broadly understood R&D works
  • cost optimization thanks to a 100% tax credit for R&D projects
  • optymalizacja kosztów dzięki 100% uldze podatkowej dla projektów B+R
  • offering technology, knowledge, know-how and experience

The Research and Development Centre makes use of the following calculation and simulation software: ANSYS/Fluent/CFX (for simulating flows), Matlab/SIMULINK, INVENTOR ULTIMATE (for strength/durability calculation), ALTIUM DESIGN (for the design of electronic circuits and PCB), Data Acquisition.

Patented technologies

Along with improvement of research capabilities, PONAR Wadowice develops modern technologies that find a variety of applications in the industrial sector. Our company, as the largest Polish manufacturer of oil hydraulics, employing over 130 engineers, tries to protect its solutions by applying appropriate legal regulations. We currently hold valid patents in the field of oil hydraulics elements and high pressure systems, and we have filed with the Patent Office another ones that are pending. We want the solutions that we develop to be used in many industries, contributing to improving the quality and performance of devices, improving safety and helping to better protect the environment.

EU Projects

Currently implemented project "Research and development on an innovative, high-performance and environmentally friendly system for cleaning hulls of vessels" co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under Measure 1.2 of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020. The project is implemented as part of the National Center for Research and Development: INNOship-II competition.

Our company has also implemented the project "Development of R&D activities through the construction of a Research and Development Center for hydraulic systems and elements as well as high pressure systems of PONAR Wadowice S.A." as part of Measure 2.1 Support for investments in R&D infrastructure of enterprises of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


Oil hydraulics elements and systems

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