scope of R&D works

A wide range of research activities

The Research and Development Center of PONAR Wadowice implements various projects in the field of technologies used in oil hydraulics. Thanks to modern research facilities and highly qualified engineering staff, on specialised testing stations elements, components as well as complete oil hydraulics systems and high-pressure water systems are examined. Thanks to the knowledge acquired as a result of research carried out by R&D, new functional varieties of PONAR products are developed, and existing products are upgraded to feature better operating parameters. Thanks to this, our products are innovative, top quality and reliable. Please find below some of the selected R&D works carried out by the Research and Development Center:

Research on the influence of temperature on the work of power hydraulics elements

Research in the field of automation and robotization of high pressure systems

Filtration efficiency tests
Research in the field of optimization of noise generated by hydraulic power packs

Advanced testing rigs

Research on hydraulic anti-collision systems

High power oil hydraulic systems

High pressure water systems

One of the key areas of CBR's work in Łaziska Górne is research, development and implementation of new UHP technologies. PONAR Wadowice is a producer of high pressure water hydraulic systems. The company offers modular and individual solutions using ultra high pressure water technology.

Our solutions are efficient, effective and tailored to customer expectations and environmentally friendly. PONAR Wadowice brand means experience and creativity in the approach towards applications in the field of high-pressure water hydraulics.

Our services are applicable in all industries where precision of operation and reliability of systems are required. The solutions offered by our Company are also used in potentially explosive areas and no-man entry areas. We are a member of the European Water Jetting Institute, an organization of economic entities dealing in the study of the use of high pressure water technology in the industry.

Extinguishing and quenching system

Oil hydraulics elements and systems

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