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A complete system for powering, controlling and remote monitoring test rigs

The power packs in our offer are based on the latest technical solutions and are designed according to individual customer requirements. 

A complete system for powering, controlling and remote monitoring test rigs

All hydraulic systems must be designed taking into consideration specific investment conditions. It requires, among other things, broad knowledge, experience and cooperation with the Customer. Our plant in Łaziska Górne deals with the design, production, assembly and servicing of hydraulic systems. Thanks to a comprehensive approach, we have completed many hydraulic systems and test rigs for various industries.

For an automotive industry company supplying systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial solutions, we have made a hydraulic system that powers test rigs.

The designed central power supply system for the stations consists of two oil tanks of a capacity of 2000 l and four pump units based on piston pumps, with a capacity of 140 and 70 cm3/rev., powered by 110 and 55 kW motors.

The hydraulic system is used to power three lines of test rigs located in different parts of the plant.  The finished products, e.g. steering gears, are checked on these test rigs.

Technical parameters of the system:

  • maximum oil flow: 700 l/min
  • nominal pressure: 280 bar
  • maximum working pressure: 315 bar

The construction of the unit was based on hydraulic elements produced by PONAR Wadowice, e.g. on the S-type check valves, pilot operated pressure relief valves DB and DBW type, DBDS-type safety valves, BS-type hydraulic accumulator protection and cut-off blocks, 2/2-way logic valves URZS type with ULZS type covers.

The power supply system is also based on hydraulic safety blocks, consisting of a steel body, URZS logical valves with an ULZS type cover, mounted in the P and T ports. The use of safety blocks allows to cut off the pressure and return lines in emergency situations. The placement of pressure and flow sensors in the safety blocks detects disturbances in oil pressure and flow. 

The project also included the construction of a network of hydraulic pipelines of a total length of 315 m, as well as a cooling system based on an ice water power pack with a thermal power of approx. 400 kW, maintaining the oil temperature within the required range of 46°C ± 3°C. 

The entire central hydraulic system has been covered by a dedicated proprietary monitoring and prediction system "PONARpredict". As part of this project, PONAR Wadowice designed and constructed two twin systems in two production plants located in Europe.

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