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Gear test rig for aviation industry

Our products find application in aviation and aerospace industry. We manufacture hydraulic systems for the largest producers of aircrafts, elements working on test rigs, e.g. for testing jet engines and pumps.


Gear test rig for aviation industry

PONAR Wadowice has completed a project of a gear testing rig for one of the largest producers in the world. The tests included examination of gears already put into production as well as prototype gear, where the housing was made of a solid material (cast) and new coating on cog wheels where applied.

The test rig designed by PONAR consists of three main elements: a drive system, a lubrication system, and a heat exchange system.

The drive system, responsible for simulating work of a gear under constant load, at various rotation of the drive engine within the scope of 3000-6000 rev./min, consists of the following:

  • HPV pump assembly with a 132kW motor, used for powering the motor of the gear  F12-030 (pump with proportional capacity adjustment),
  • Support block of braking engines F12-040 i F12-012 (the block equipped with two proportional pressure-relief valves with a function of unloading)
  • By-pass system, cooling-filtrating with a function of supporting the brake motors
  • Oil level and temperature indicators

The lubrication system for providing proper lubrication of the gear in certain conditions
(i.e. 150 +/-5 degrees Celsius, 4-6 bar, 7-10 dm3/min) consists of:

  • Pump assembly 251BRLS for lubricating the gears – with inverter. The lubricating line features a proportional throttle valve for adjusting the capacity.
  • the 251BRLS unit sucking out the excess of oil from the gear – with an inverter
  • oil level and temperature indicators
  • housed heaters

Cooling system
responsible for cooling oil in the lubrication system by means of plate heat exchangers at the drain. The system was built from the following elements:

  • a pump assembly based on a gear pump
  • oil-air heat exchanger,
  • proportional capacity adjustment,
  • oil level and temperature indicators




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