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Hydraulic filters - their role in the hydraulic system

Hydraulic filters ensure the cleanliness of the working fluid (mineral oil, synthetic oil, water-oil emulsion), thanks to which they can, for example, reduce the number of failures or affect the wear of other elements of the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic filters - their role in the hydraulic system

Our offer of hydraulic filters is very wide and includes, apart from suction, high-pressure, low-pressure and return filters, also mobile and stationary filtration units, devices for monitoring the oil cleanliness class and water content during system operation. We offer excellent quality filter cartridges without which hydraulic filters are not able to properly filter and clean the liquid from contamination.

Thanks to the use of hydraulic filters:

  • one can prevent disruptions in the operation of control elements
  • reduce the frequency of failures we support the lubricating properties of the working fluid
  • extend the service life of components and working fluid.

 What else, besides filtration?

It often happens that the filtration applied is insufficient. We then offer the services of our comprehensive oil service, which can perform, among others: emptying, cleaning and filling the system with the use of specialized filtration units. We also perform hydrodynamic flushing of pipelines with video inspection or bypass filtration.


Filtration as prevention

In order to prevent contamination of the working oil in the hydraulic system, the following should be used:

  • periodic flushing of the installation
  • air filters on the oil tanks
  • moisture-absorbing cartridges for harsh environmental conditions
  • runoff filters
  • pressure filters: high pressure and low pressure to protect system controls
  • suction filters
  • bypass filtration to assist filtration.

We work with renowned manufacturers of hydraulic filters on the market. The full range of hydraulic filters can be found on our website.

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