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New certificates of intrinsic safety

PONAR Wadowice has obtained certificates of conformity GOST-R for the following inrinsically safe products: IWE6… , 3IREH2… . 

New certificates of intrinsic safety

The certificates are valid in the area of Russian Federation (and other countries of the Customs Union: Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan) for the above devices used in areas exposed to a risk of an explosion.

  •  PO Ex ia I Ma for the underground mining pits (the so called Group I – „mining”),
  • and  1Ex ia IIC T5/T6 Gb for IWE6… and 1Ex ia IIB T4 Gb for 3IREH2… for other applications near flammable substances such as gases or vapours (the so called Group II – „chemicals”)

The certification process was financed from the EU fund under POIG submeasure 6.5.2, Project: „PONAR Wadowice on international markets – supporting export”.

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