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Proportional directional control valve with integrated electronics USAEB6

Advanced control systems for hydraulic devices are used when greater precision and reliability are required. We have introduced to our offer a proportional directional control valve with integrated electronics type USAEB6, a device which ensures smooth regulation and speed of operation.

Proportional directional control valve with integrated electronics USAEB6

Proportional directional spool valves valves with integrated electronics combine advantages of a hydraulic drive with possibilities offered by automation, which reduces pressure losses and leaks. The use of proportional valves allows for automatic adjustment of pressure and flow.

 Proportional directional spool valve with integrated electronics USAEB6

  • nominal size: 6
  • max. pressure: 35 MPa
  • max. flow: 40 dm3/min

The USAEB6 proportional spool valve with direct control using proportional electromagnets with integrated electronics (OBE) is designed to control the direction and amount of flow in hydraulic systems, which allows you to change the direction and speed of the receiver's movement.

Product description:

  • intended for subplate mounting in any position
  • connection compliant with ISO 4403 (CETOP)
  • featuries integrated electronics
  • manual control of electromagnets
  • large selection of spool diagrams
  • nominal flow at Δp= 1MPa: 4 l/min | 10 l/min | 20 l/min | 32 l/min
  • max. flow rate up to 40 l/min.
  • max. working pressure up to 350 bar
  • ability to select and configure the control signal (voltage ±10V, current 4 ÷ 20 mA)
  • compact development
  • diagnostic interface

Proportional spool valves type USAEB6 can be configured using the proprietary program "Diverter Configurator V1.0" available on our website.

Using the OBE Valve Configurator, it is possible to read basic operating parameters, analyze errors, adjust operating parameters, among others. ramp, bias current frequency, sensitivity threshold, min. and max. electromagnet current.

Characteristics of the program:

  • simple configuration
  • connection via a micro USB cable (no additional devices or accessories to connect to the program).


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