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Intrinsically safe directional valve - increased parameters!

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Intrinsically safe directional valve - increased parameters!

Electrically controlled valves and directional control valves are intended for operation in hydraulic systems which require power supply with intrinsically safe circuits, that are unable to cause an ignition in an explosive atmosphere for group I or II by causing a spark or a thermal phenomenon.

We have obtained a certificate for improvement of electric parameters of the intrinsically safe valve IWE6, i.e. increase of allowable current I(i) from value 1,6 A to 2,0 A.

Thanks to this, our intrinsically safe valves can be used in new types of intrinsically safe power packs (standard 2,0 A), that are used to replace old types of power packs (standard 1,6 A) in new devices and systems.

Our products have all the required certificates for use in difficult environment, including areas exposed to a risk of explosion. All products undergo strict quality examination on each stage of production and are closely inspected on dedicated test rigs.

Moreover, electrically operated directional control, intrinsically safe valves for subplate connection (CETOP) type IWE are now compliant with directive  ATEX 2014/34/UE (i.e. a certificate for UE area).

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