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Solutions for ship building industry

Our Company deals with the shipbuilding and off-shore industry, our hydraulic systems, cylinders and spool valves work, among others, on oil rigs or ships.

Solutions for ship building industry

We offer proprietary solutions thanks to the knowledge and experience of engineers working, among others, in design and construction department and production department.

We have developed and manufactured a hydraulic drive unit to supply two independent hydraulic cylinders of anchor brakes. The hydraulic system is mounted on the ship below deck. The winch brakes are controlled electro-hydraulically.

The drive unit consists of an oil tank, on which the pump unit, control and regulation elements, filters and control and measurement equipment are installed.

The power supply unit is equipped with a control block supplied from the oil pump, on which the following elements are installed:

  • manifolds controlling the oil flow direction (the direction of the actuator movement), type 2URES10
  • overflow valve limiting the maximum pressure in the UZPS6 system
  • throttle valve for draining oil from A, B lines to the UDDD6 type tank.

Additionally, the power supply is equipped with anti-outflow valves enabling the exchange of level indicators without emptying the oil tank.

Due to the limited space for installation, the drive unit is characterized by a compact structure while maintaining ergonomics of operation.

The working conditions required the use of stainless steel fasteners in the hydraulic system.

technical data of the system

nominal capacity of tank

105 l

control elements supply voltage

24 V - DC

working medium

mineral oil

type of supplying pump


pump capacity

25 cm3/obr.

optimal viscosity of the fluid

32 mm2/s

electric motor power

12,8 kW

motor rotary speed

1758 rpm


10 µm

ambient temperature range

-20 ÷ 450C

maximum noise level

85 dB(A)

allowable range of oil temperature

-10 ÷ 700C



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