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Investment in machinery park

Our offer includes a wide range of machining services based on using cutting edge equipment and machinery.

Investment in machinery park

The production hall of PONAR Wadowice S.A. is equipped with a range of machining tools, lathes, grinders guaranting precision of work, efficiency and quality of the services provided.

We take utmost care to make sure that the machinery park is being continuously modernized, upgraded and supplied with new machines and equipment. Recently, we have purchased four new machines, thanks to which it was possible to significantly increase our production capabilities.

The two latest investments allow us to apply new machining techniques:

  • OKUMA Multus U4000 - a multitasking, turning and milling center that allows turning and milling large-sized details on one mounting
  • DMG Mori DMC 65 monoBLOCK - a five-axis milling center with a turning function and an automatic loading station, which allows for full automation of manufactured details.


OKUMA Multus U4000
X-axis travel
695 mm
Y-axis travel
300 mm
Z-axis travel
2100 mm
B-axis travel
1500 mm
max. pressing diameter
Ø 91 mm
max. pressing length
Ø 650 mm
total number of tools




DMG Mori DMC 65 monoBLOCK
X-axis travel
700 mm
Y-axis travel
650 mm
Z-axis travel
560 mm
max. diameter of the rotated object
Ø 840 mm
max. height of the item on the table
500 mm
working surface of the pallet/table
Ø 650 mm
total number of tools
load capacity of the pallet/table
1000 kg


Thanks to investing in machinery and purchasing cutting-edge equipment, we implement advanced and unusual projects for every industry, ensuring high-quality of our products. The equipment we own allows us to expand serial production on a larger scale, while maintaining the possibility of implementing individual solutions according to the customer's design requirements.


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