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PONAR Product Configurator - a simple and quick way to configure products

In order to improve the process of selection of PONAR Wadowice power hydraulics elements and to facilitate product coding of a various product versions, we have launched a new PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR.

PONAR Product Configurator - a simple and quick way to configure products

The new tool allows for full configuration and selection of the appropriate variant of hydraulic valves, cartridge, proportional and mobile hydraulics, as well as hydraulic pumps.

Thanks to the search for products using filters - the selection of product features, you can choose products that meet specific parameters in accordance with individual requirements.


  • complete summary of coding choices with product code ready to order
  • preferred versions available at short delivery time, marked in bold
  • 3D models of the configured products in accordance with the coded product (models displayed based on the similarity in the coding of the product)
  • the ability to send inquiries directly from the website
  • access to the catalog card throughout the configuration process

Meet our new application - PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR!

The "configure" button is also available for each product on our website.


We'd love to hear your opinion on the PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR, write to us at the following e-mail address:

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