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Row marker UIKE6

Our Company is a supplier of oil hydraulics for agricultural machines and vehicles.

 Row marker UIKE6

Uniterrupted work of the hydraulic systems ensures efficient operation of individual systems. We offer products dedicated to different systems or even specific types of machines.

The UIKE6 valve is used for hydraulic control of the marker cylinders in agricultural machines such as: seeders, planters, etc. It allows the user to operate markers without leaving the tractor cab. The UIKE6-02 valve is used to contro the double-acting and single-acting cylinders.

The main advantage of this device is the ability to connect all four lines from double-acting cylinders to one valve.


  • Nominal Size 6
  • Pmax 25 MPa
  • Qmax 55 dm3/min

Example of applications:

in a hydraulic system with double-acting cylinders type UIKE6-02

in a hydraulic system with double-acting cylinders, type UIKE6-02-S (connections A2, B2, C2 are plugged)

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