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Brown coal hydo-cutting tests

Within the scope of international HydroCoal Plus project PONAR Wadowice has carried out in cooperation with the Central Mining Institute tests of possibilities and efficiency of cutting brown coal with using water under high pressure.

Brown coal hydo-cutting tests

HydroCoal Plus is a project based on development and demonstration hydro-aperture technology for improvement of competitiveness of brown coal extraction in the world and minimalising its effects on environment. For the purposes of the research, test stands with armored safety covers were designed and constructed. A number of tests were carried out with using water of parameters up to 3600 liters per minute and pressure up to 2500 bar. The test wer carried out in PONAR Wadowice plant in Łaziska górne. Scientific personnell of GIG, engineers of CBR PONAR Wadowice and employees of High Pressure Department took part in the tests. The effects and results will contribute to significant development of this innovative technology.



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