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PONAR Wadowice a Technological Partner in HydroCoal Plus Project

At the end of the 2019 another, the third stage of research on HydroCoal Plus project has been completed. The project is about development and presentation of hydro-cavity technology for improvement of competitiveness of lignite mining in the world and limiting its impact on the environment.

PONAR Wadowice a Technological Partner in HydroCoal Plus Project

"We decided to ivite PONAR to cooperate with us on such an important Hydrocoal Plus project because of their high competence, creativity and open minds of engineers of PONAR Research and Development Centre that we were able to observe many times when working together on different projects" - said dr hab. inż Janusz Makówka, professor of GIG.

Engineers of the Research and Development Centre and High Pressure Department of PONAR Wadowice and academic staf members of the GIG Central Mining Institute have carried out tests in real-life conditions in lignite mine in Bełchatów.

Tests were carried out by using the remotely controlled Aquacutter robot.

By utilising the parameters listed below we managed to achieve hydro mining range up to 5 m:

  • flow rate of water 500 l/min
  • water pressure 300 bar
  • pump unit power 500 kW.

We would like to invite you to watch the film that was recorded when carrying on the research works in KWB Bełchatów.

 „We are very happy with the fact that our cooperation with Central Mining Institute (GIG) finds application in many different areas of broadly-understood mining. Our first joint projects concerning underground mining allowed us to successfully begin many innovative projects - also in the area of opencast mining. All the works are within the area of research agenda of the Research and Development Centre of PONAR Wadowice, co-financed by European Union from the the European Regional Development Fund under the measure 2.1. of the Operational Programme Inteligent Development 2014-2020" - said dr inż. Piotr Rosikowski, Director of PONAR Research and Development Centre.

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