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Hydraulic systems hydraulic systems with a vane pump type UHJV

WNpmax [MPa]Qmax [dm3/min] no card download datasheets
631013WK 560 498
1001627,5WK 560 499
1601647WK 560 500
2501667WK 560 501
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In its basic version, the system consists of an oil tank with necessary equipment: filler filter with air filter, oil level indicator (optical) with a feature of electrical signaling of minimal level, thermometer, inspection hatches, a pump unit (electric motor - vane pump), oil filter (drain filter) and also a measuring block with a manometer switch, a manometer and output ports.

The system can be expanded to include a hydraulic control system - based on individual drawing, temperature stabilisation system (air or water heat exchanger, heater, temperature sensor, temperature controller), other hydraulic equipment, electric control system.

  • tank capacity from 63 to 250 dm3
  • pump capacity, depending on the size of the tank from 13 to 67 cm3/obr.
  • electric motor power, depending on the tank size from 0,75 to 11 kW
  • possibility of expansion, based on custom drawing
  • available versions with connection ports for directional control valves
  • can be equipped with a heat exchanger

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